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ACADEMIES PLEASE NOTE: Academies' Budget Shares have been calculated by the Local Authority using the same funding formula as maintained schools, and are indicative of the amount that academies will receive in their allocation from the Education Funding Agency. However, it must be noted that the budget share figure produced by the LA is not the final figure that academies will actually receive from the EFA. This is because the Minimum Funding Guarantee (MFG)/Funding Cap calculated for academies by the LA is notional, whereas the EFA will produce a final MFG/Funding Cap calculation based on the previous year's actual academy allocation. The actual final amount received by academies may therefore by higher or lower than the budget share calculated by the Local Authority. Also note that the budget share does not show figures for nursery classes as these are paid to academies from the LA via a separate arrangement. Pupil Premium figures for FME Ever6 and Service Children are estimates based on prior year data from the EFA and actual allocations will be paid by the EFA directly to academies.