'Get Started with Modeshift STARS' training

Submitted by:Esme Holtom (01603 217628)
Start Date:07/12/2022 15:30
End Date:07/12/2022 17:00
Link: https://www.norfolk.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/atobetter/schools

Modeshift STARS is an online toolkit, it's free to use and it's specially designed for schools. It's a handy resource to help you get more pupils and staff walking and cycling to school. It offers a handy framework, including tools such as a travel survey and travel plan, that will help you identify your key travel issues and best target your resources. Then, it also does lots more!

This training will help you get to grips with the system and find out more about what it can offer your school.

Some of the other useful things it offers include:

  • How to write a National Standard School Travel Plan
  • A Nationally recognised accreditation framework of Green, bronze, silver, gold and platinum for clearly laid out levels of activity
  • Links to OFSTED reporting
  • Help to monitor and evaluate your travel initiatives
  • Offers lots of interesting ideas and resources to try out
  • Lesson plans galore and national events guidance to pick and choose from
  • A Junior Travel Ambassador guide (Primary schools) to get pupils involved
  • Marketing materials
  • A five-minute walking bubble map that you can print out, or include in newsletters to send to parents
  • Online forums and networks to share ideas and best practise
  • An annual Awards Ceremony for those of you who particularly stand out