MI Sheet
TypeAudienceMI NumberTitleDate To Be Completed
InformationGoverning Bodies/Premises Committees, Headteachers, School Business Managers
29/18Premises responsibility update 
InformationHeadteacher/Finance staff30/18Cluster Budgets 2018/19 
InformationHeadteacher/Data Manager
31/18General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - Update on services available 
InformationHeadteachers, Principals, SENCOs and Chairs of Governors32/18Norfolk's SEND School funding system 
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Norfolk County Council Correspondence
Key:   Urgent  Normal  Low
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External Correspondence
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Upcoming Events
21/03/2018  09:0021/03/2018  16:00International Collaborative Learning Conference 2018
28/03/2018  18:3028/03/2018  21:00Scratch Coding - is it for me?
29/03/2018  09:0029/03/2018  09:00Reminder: Annual contract update 2018-19 for LA Maintained Schools (MI Sheet needs action)
31/03/2018  09:0031/03/2018  09:00Annual services to schools contract update 2018-19 (MI Sheet needs action)
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