Management Information Sheet

Google VLE Sign Up

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To Be Completed By: 08/07/2011
MI Number:152/11
Publication Date:24/06/2011 12:00:00
LA Contact:Lynn Parvin
Audience:Headteachers, Network Managers, ICT & VLE Co-Ordinators

Google VLE Sign Up

You will be aware from MI Sheet 68/11 that the centrally funded Norfolk County Council contract that enables your school to use the Netmedia Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) will cease at the end of August 2011 and that it is not possible to renew the contract. The position in relation to VLE funding is set out in MI Sheet 33/11

Google VLE
ICT Shared Services is using Google Apps to provide simple to use, secure and supported VLE functionality for those primary and special schools who do not wish to use Fronter.

The Google VLE prototype has been piloted with 7 schools during June which ends this week with a pilot feedback workshop.

We will configure the VLE for each school wishing to use it during the summer break and commence the rollout of the Google VLE to schools from September 2011.

A number of schools will be selected as early adopters to ensure our support and implementation processes are correct.

Support during implementation will be provided by ICT Shared Services for those schools who request it.

Members of our Locality Teams (groups of ICT Shared Services' staff that focus on a particular geographical area or cluster of schools) will be trained in the Google VLE, so they are able to support schools to obtain greater benefits.

For advice and support on how to use Google with learning and teaching in the classroom please contact Jill Duman, Advisory Service at or telephone 01603 307785.

ICT Shared Services will provide support, maintain corporate pages of external links and create how to guides and help pages.

ICT Shared Services will develop the service over time to include integrated applications including Espresso and will continue to work directly with Google to develop the service.

We are currently reviewing the contractual arrangements with Espresso and will advise you of the options for this as soon as possible.

Costs and Funding
The current product Netmedia and support is funded by grant monies until August 2011.

Google VLE for this financial year will be included as part of the Broadband contract and there will be no charge for the Google VLE until 1st April 2012 at which point we will move this service into the support contract for 2012.

Schools will have the option to "pick and mix" as follows:

- Support contract with VLE
- Support contract without VLE
- VLE only

We will clarify the costs of the VLE element for each option in September 2011.

Pricing will be transparent and will reflect the ICT Shared Services' cost of delivery of the service only.

ICT Shared Services is also working with the Advisory Service to develop joint technical and business support options for Google which we will publish in September.

Sign up
You can sign up to using the Google VLE by typing the following address into your internet browser or clicking the link below. You will need to login with your NSIX account (this is the account that you use to log in to Google Mail / SIMS i.e.

If you are unsure of your log in credentials your school are sent a list of log in details via AVCO/Anycomms, which is typically downloaded by the school secretary.

We would be grateful to receive your response by 16:00 Friday 8th July 2011 please.

If you have any questions please email