Management Information Sheet

ICT Shared Services - Service Desk Improvements

MI Sheet TypeInformation
MI Number:226/11
Publication Date:30/09/2011 12:00:00
LA Contact:ICT Solutions Service Desk (01603 475612)
Audience:All staff

ICT Shared Services - Service Desk Improvements

Service Desk Improvements

Schools told us during the ICT Shared Services consultation in November 2010 that getting through to the Service Desk was a priority for schools.

Therefore we have introduced improvements in the way we handle and manage calls by asking the Service Desk to focus on answering, logging and resolving calls within 5 minutes and directing the more complex calls onto a specialist.

This term the number of abandoned calls has reduced significantly and Service Desk are achieving a first time fix of 50.21% of the 3300 calls that we have answered during the period 1st September to 23rd September.

The next steps we will be taking to improve the service are to

1) Make it easier to find and access updated information on MIS processes and support information as well as offering a number of support workshops this term. More information is available here

2) Implement a prioritisation process for calls to ensure those calls which are business critical are dealt with immediately and effectively even if this means re-directing resources from other support or project work.

Business critical will include:
  • Loss of internet

  • Server failure

  • MIS inaccessible

  • Google mail accounts unavailable

  • A virus incident

  • Census or Key Stage Assessments when these services have time critical dependencies

  • These improvements will be closely monitored and we will report back next month on their impact. In the meantime we would welcome your feedback.