Management Information Sheet

Finance Systems Data Submission Changes

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To Be Completed By: 25/05/2018
MI Number:71/18
Publication Date:04/05/2018 12:00:00
LA Contact:Finance Support Helpline (01603 307758)
Audience:Finance Staff, Headteachers
Links:Section 2 - Getting Started.pdf
How do I use AnyComms Plus for Finance Files.pdf

Finance Systems Data Submission Changes

In light of the GDPR regulations coming into force on 25 May 2018 the decision has been taken to cease automatically sending financial returns via email from Star Accounts and the Sickness Insurance Database. This includes:

  • The month end reimbursement file (Star Accounts)
  • The month end paperwork file (Star Accounts)
  • Internal journals (Star Accounts)
  • Datafile Backups (Star Accounts)
  • School Fund Audit file (Star Accounts)
  • Excel claim form (Sickness Insurance)

In future all returns must be sent via AnyComms Plus, which is a secure data transfer service that all schools have access to. It is the schools' responsibility to ensure that these returns are submitted by the dates provided in the "Schedule of Dates for Monthly Downloads".

Further details on using AnyComms Plus can be found in the Frequently Asked Question "How do I use AnyComms Plus for Finance Files".

Upgrades will be released for Star Accounts and the Sickness insurance Scheme in the coming weeks to remove the current email functions.

What can I do to prepare?

All schools were issued with user names and passwords for AnyComms Plus when the service started (April 2015). If you cannot remember your password, or require a new account, please contact the School Applications team ( Accounts can only be created via an email from the headteacher's email address - please state that you require access to send / receive Finance Files.

Those schools with multiple users of Star Accounts may find it useful to create an Inbox and Outbox folder for Finance files on a shared drive to ensure that all files are collected in one place. If you are unsure of how to create these folders please contact your ICT Technician. Once created the location of the new folders should be browsed in via the School Details Screen (See Section 02 of the Star Accounts User Guide or Section 01 of the Sickness Insurance Database User Guide for further guidance).