Management Information Sheet

Glue ear

MI Sheet TypeCPD
MI Number:110/18
Publication Date:02/11/2018 12:00:00
LA Contact:Virtual School Sensory Support
Audience:All schools
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Glue ear

Glue ear affects up to 20% of pre-school and reception aged children at any one time, and up to 80% of all children before the age of 10 years. Glue ear usually resolves spontaneously within 3 months. However, 30-40% of children have recurrent episodes and 5-10% of episodes last for more than a year. During this time, and without appropriate awareness and support, glue ear can also have a significant impact on a child's language development and educational attainment. Some groups of children are known to be at risk of having long-term glue ear e.g. those born with a cleft palate or Down syndrome.

If you suspect a child in your setting has glue ear you can make a referral to the school health support worker who will undertake a hearing screen. The following Advice Sheet may be useful if a diagnosis of glue ear is confirmed.

Virtual School Sensory Support are offering half a day's training (this is free at present) to ensure staff have a basic understanding of glue ear, its prevalence and impact. If you would like to attend a training session on either the 3rd December 2018 or 14th January 2019 at PDC, Norwich please