Management Information Sheet

Change to process for referring PEXed pupils to the SSSfN

MI Sheet TypeInformation
MI Number:150/18
Publication Date:09/11/2018 12:00:00
LA Contact:Hayley Goodson (01603 224226)

Change to process for referring PEXed pupils to the SSSfN

Currently referrals to the Short Stay School for Norfolk (SSSfN) are made by a number of different places within Children’s Services as well as from schools and academies. Referrals for children who have been permanently excluded are sent in by schools and academies while referrals can be made by EHCP Coordinators, Medical Need’s Officer and the Fair Access Manager from Children’s Services.

There is a concern that there is currently no central record kept of such referrals and there is insufficient oversight of pupils to ensure that all safeguarding concerns can be addressed.

It has therefore been agreed that a Single Point of Contact (SPoC) will be established within Children’s Services and all referrals to the SSSfN will be coordinated by the SPoC. The SPoC for all referrals to the SSSfN is the Fair Access Manager.

School and academies should send their referrals along with the Exclusion Notification Form to

The Fair Access team will maintain a central record of all referrals and will update the Synergy system to record that a referral has been made including uploading a copy of the referral form. The Fair Access Team will send referrals to the SPoC at the SSSfN on a weekly basis. The SPoC at the SSSfN will acknowledge receipt of all referrals and advise the Fair Access Manager if the referral is not accepted by the SSSfN.


Hayley Goodson, Fair Access Manager
Email –
Phone – 01603 224226