Management Information Sheet

Barclays Notification of Microsoft Windows 7 deadline 21/09/2020

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To Be Completed By: 07/09/2020
MI Number:86/20
Publication Date:11/09/2020 12:00:00
LA Contact:James Stanford (01603 222550)
Audience:Schools Finance

Barclays Notification of Microsoft Windows 7 deadline 21/09/2020

We have been asked to advise you that as from the 21 September clients using Windows 7 operating system will be unable to access Barclays Digital Channels (Barclays.Net and iPortal)

We have identified that some of our schools have a percentage of users currently logging in with Windows 7, and therefore from 21 September those users will not be able to log into Digital Channels until they have upgraded to a compliant operating system.

Microsoft ceased support of Windows 7 in January this year meaning that anyone using Windows 7 are vulnerable to Malware infections and other security risks. Criminals are well aware of this vulnerability and will look exploit it.

From September 2019 Barclays reached out to all Windows 7 users accessing our Digital Channels by telephone, email and via warning messages on our login screens asking them to upgrade. A further message was sent to the users who are still on Windows 7, on 2 September.

We understand that the current working arrangements can cause issues for some of our clients complying with our Hardware and Software Requirements, however due to the risks associated with using a non-compliant operating system it has been decided that the deadline of 21 September must stand.

Barclays Hardware and Software requirements can be found in this link below: