Management Information Sheet

Important - Fraud/Security Prevention

MI Sheet TypeInformation
MI Number:109/20
Publication Date:16/10/2020 12:00:00
LA Contact:James Stanford (01603 222550)
Audience:Finance staff

Important - Fraud/Security Prevention

With fraud at an all-time high and fraudsters attempting to take advantage of the current situation and working arrangements, Barclays has identified a specific check you should complete when using

As you know, when you log on to, you enter your PIN and click ok, you then receive an additional message displayed on your reader that you then click ok for a second time.

Please ensure that this message relates to what you are doing i.e. that it reads "Confirm Login Barclays.Net" before you press OK for a second time.

Barclays has introduced this check as an additional layer of security to help prevent advanced fraudsters from creating payments hidden in the background that you could possibly be authorising without knowing when you enter your PIN and confirm OK. Fraudsters can have Barclays pages hidden in the background that you could effectively be authorising when you think you are logging in. When you are logging in, it should never read for example: "Confirm Payments Authorise".

For those of you working with our main accounts, please ensure the card reader message is in line with any function you are completing e.g. Admin Auth, Template, payment etc, before confirming OK.

As always, please remove your card from the reader when you are not using