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Submission of assessment information Autumn 2020 Phonics Screening Year 2 Only

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To Be Completed By: 10/12/2020
MI Number:110/20
Publication Date:16/10/2020 12:00:00
LA Contact:Learning and Inclusion Service Data Team (01603 224223 or 01603 222984 or 01603 222837)
Audience:Headteachers, School Administrators and Chairs of Governors of all Primary Phase Schools and Academies including Special Schools

Submission of assessment information Autumn 2020 Phonics Screening Year 2 Only

Overview and Timeline

The DfE have stated that schools should submit their Phonics Year 2 data by the end of the 2020 autumn term. However, we are asking schools to please submit this data by 10 December 2020 to allow the LA & schools to resolve any errors or omissions before the DfE cut-off.

Below is the submission deadline recommended by the LA, followed by important information on how to check your data submissions.

Latest Date For Submission Data to Be Submitted

Phonics (Yr 2)

LA Deadline: Thursday 10 December
DfE Deadline: End of 2020 Autumn Term (Friday 18 December)

Phonics screening results

  • Year 2 pupils who were due to take the screening check in 2019/2020
  • To be sent to Education Achievement Service Data Teamvia Anycomms Plus

Data Checking - applies to all schools

Provisional Reports will be available in Perspective Lite for schools to run themselves - there are School Summary and Pupil Level reports. This gives schools the opportunity to check their results and resolve any issues before the LA submits the data to the DfE, so please submit your data returns in time, and earlier if possible.

Visit the Perspective Lite Help Pages to find out how to run these reports.

Please note that there will be a short delay between you submitting your data to the LA and the reports being available in Perspective Lite. This is because the LA has to upload the data into the Perspective system.

Academies and Special Schools

Please note, every reference to "schools" in this MI Sheet also applies to academies. Special Schools need to submit their data using the relevant codes, even though their pupils may not take the test.

Contact Details for further help

An Assessments web page has been produced by the Norfolk Learning and Inclusion Service and is intended to be a comprehensive source of information to help you complete your assessments.

The Norfolk Schools Website currently has a content freeze, therefore updated guidance will be available after half term.

If you still have a query that you need answering, please contact one of the appropriate teams listed below.

Learning and Inclusion Service Data Team

For further advice on the submission process or information on school performance data:
Dom Mingaye - 01603 222984
Simon Porritt - 01603 222837.
Hannah Scuffham (Working Days - Tues, Weds, Thurs) - 01603 224223
Email for all:

For advice on statutory teacher assessment, moderation and test administration

Amanda Lowe - 01603 303304

ICT Services 4 education

For technical ICT support for school MIS: Helpdesk
01603 475603 or 0845 303 3003

Phonics screening check

Detailed requirements

Item Detail
Deadline date LA Recommended Deadline Thursday 10 December (DfE Deadline Friday 18 December)
Testing period Second half of 2020 Autumn Term (If a pupil is absent when the rest of the cohort takes the check, schools can administer the check to the pupil at any point up until the end of the 2020 autumn term.)
Changes in processes All Year 2 pupils
What to submit Year 2 Phonics scores (or Outcomes if test not taken e.g. A or D) In previous years the threshold mark was 32. Schools and LAs do not need the threshold mark when submitting data as the system will convert the pupil's score to an outcome.
What to send XML/CTF file format
Quick View of process Enter data in MIS > Export CTF file > Submit to LA > Check Provisional report in Perspective (Schools self- run) > Report any discrepancies to EAS Data Team
Where to send to Use Anycomms Plus to send to Norfolk LA
What happens next
  • If there are issues/problems with the data file, then the Data Team will contact the school, initially by email to the office@
  • There is no need to contact the Data Team just to check receipt of your data file
Check results Provisional School summary reports will available for schools to run themselves in Perspective Lite
Changes to results/other details Report any errors in the provisional report to the Data Team as soon as possible.
New leavers and starters
  • If the pupil was at your school for Phonics test period (Second half of Autumn Term) or was recorded as A or D - then you are to include them in your data file.
  • If a pupil transfers schools before the October half term, the new setting must report the pupil results to its LA.
Head teachers' declaration form Not required - the phonics screening check HDF submitted by schools in June 2021 will cover both checks.

Learning and Inclusion Service Data Team
For further advice on the submission process or information on school education performance data
Dom Mingaye - 01603 222984
Simon Porritt - 01603 222837
Hannah Scuffham - 01603 224223
Email for Data Team:

Further guidance
DfE guidance

The Assessment and Reporting Arrangements Phonics 2020 booklet:
Administering the phonics screening check to year 2 pupils in the 2020 autumn term
Please note that the data submitted will not be published in the Analyse School Performance (ASP)/DfE Inspection Dashboards (IDSRs).

LA Data Team FAQ / Guidance & Check Lists/Crib Sheets (Content to be added - see Key Stage Assessment Information)
ICT resources
Anycomms Plus User name issues: username / password please contact the ICT service desk on / 01603 475603 or 0845 303 3003.