Management Information Sheet

Sickness Insurance Scheme Guidance Sept 2020 Update

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To Be Completed By: 31/01/2021
MI Number:4/21
Publication Date:08/01/2021 12:00:00
LA Contact:Finance Support Officer
Audience:Finance Staff

Sickness Insurance Scheme Guidance Sept 2020 Update

From September the interim measure for claiming Sickness Insurance will be removed and the Sickness Insurance will revert back to the normal process.

Please note the two points below which are not a change to the original scheme but the scheme administrators feel should be highlighted.

These are added to ensure the fund is managed properly, thereby protecting it so that schools can benefit from the scheme in the future.

  • If any school is closed then the sickness insurance scheme will be suspended for that school the same period of time - The Scheme will only honour a claim where additional cost has been incurred in covering the staff member (i.e. a long term contract put in place to cover).
  • The Sickness Insurance fund must only be used where additional staffing cost to cover the staff member are incurred. The Scheme would not expect a school to claim if the member of staff is not being replaced. This will ensure the Sickness Insurance scheme can be viable to operate in the future.