Management Information Sheet

Deadlines for payroll submissions

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To Be Completed By: 17/09/2021
MI Number:144/21
Publication Date:10/09/2021 12:00:00

Deadlines for payroll submissions

We are writing with details of the schedule of Payroll deadlines for Norfolk Schools for the academic year to August 2022.

Please ensure that you submit all payroll related information and claims forms to be received by the due date. Please note there are separate deadlines for academies.

Notification of Starters, Leavers and Payroll changes for Schools

The deadline for receipt of these notifications is normally the last working day in the month for changes affecting the following months pay:

  • Thursday September 30th 2021
  • Friday October 29th 2021
  • Tuesday November 30th 2021
  • Friday December 17th 2021
  • Monday January 31st 2022
  • Monday February 28th 2022
  • Thursday March 31st 2022
  • Friday April 29th 2022
  • Friday May 27th 2022
  • Thursday June 30th 2022
  • Friday July 22nd 2022
  • Wednesday August 31st 2022

Please check termly Temporary Staffing Reviews for any changes to the published dates.

Supply Teaching Claims Deadlines and Payments for Schools

Supply Claim Period Deadline for Receipt Pay Date
1 – 30 September4th October19th October
1 – 29 October2nd November19th November
1 – 30 November2nd December17th December
1 – 17 December20th December19th January
3 – 31 January2nd February18th February
1 – 28 February2nd March18th March
1 – 31 March2nd April19th April
1 – 29 April2nd May19th May
3 –20 May27th May17th June
1 – 29 June2nd July19th July
1 – 22 July26th July19th August

Please submit a separate Claim Form for each period worked. The hourly rate for Supply Teachers needs to be included on the relevant section of the form.

Casual Claims / Travel / Additional Hours / Letting Claims for Schools

Temporary Claim Period Deadline for Receipt by NCC Pay Date
20th Aug – 17th Sept23rd September19th October
18th Sept – 19th Oct22nd October19th November
20th Oct – 19th Nov23rd November18th December
20th Nov – 10th Dec17th December17th January
11th Dec – 19th Jan21st January19th February
20th Jan – 18th Feb23rd February19th March
19th Feb – 18th Mar23rd March19th April
19th Mar – 19th Apr22nd April19th May
20th Apr– 19th May 23rd May 18th June
20th May – 17th June23rd June 19th July
18th June – 19th July22nd July19th August
20th July to 19th August23rd August19th September

Staff Returns and Absence Submissions

All staff Returns and absence forms should be submitted on the 19th of each month, or on the following day where the 19th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday

Family leave (Maternity etc)

The deadline for notifications of family leave, including maternity is the last working day in the month for changes affecting the following month’s pay to ensure the correct payments are in place.

Completion and Authorisation of all Forms

All forms must include the Grade & Scale point to be paid, the Cost Centre and Subjective code. The forms must be signed by the Headteacher or authorised officer. Failure to comply with this may result in late or non-payment.

E-mail addresses for correspondence: