Management Information Sheet

Supporting the return of pupils to school and colleges

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To Be Completed By: 10/09/2021
MI Number:151/21
Publication Date:10/09/2021 12:00:00
LA Contact:Josie Rayner-Wells (01603 303329)

Supporting the return of pupils to school and colleges

We know schools are working proactively to promote and support pupils with their wellbeing as they settle back into full-time education. The support you continue to provide is fantastic, and you should be incredibly proud of the significant and valuable role you are playing in helping to support children and young people through these difficult times.

We also know that following the summer break, some pupils may be feeling particularly worried about the return to school, or experiencing new or worsening mental health issues, which could have an impact on attendance.

Now is an important time for you familiarise yourself with the support in place to help with the ongoing transition back to school.

Issues that may impact on attendance in September

Groups most likely to present with attendance issues in September are:

  • Those who may be experiencing new or worsening mental health issues, including where these may have been impacted by the pandemic. This includes children and young people experiencing trauma and bereavement, young carers and those who may be taking on additional caring responsibilities as a result of their parents' mental health declining.
  • Those who are concerned about the return to school. This may be related to concerns around the spread of infection; anxiety about being pressured to 'catch up' and apprehension or social anxieties around returning to large groups after periods of isolation.

Sources of support for settings

There is a wide range of fully funded support available to schools and colleges, including support to develop whole school or college approaches to mental health and wellbeing, as well as support for the specific issues that may be impacting pupils at this time.

We have brought together information about the various national and local mental health support offers and training available to schools and colleges, through our fully-funded Navigating the Norfolk MHWB Landscape webinar.

You can access the Wellbeing in Education Return resources on the schools website.

Book onto the upcoming emotionally based school avoidance (EBSA) webinar. Bespoke EBSA support surgeries, facilitated by EPSS are also available. Please email for further information and to request a place.

Resources developed by regions and MATs to support pupil mental health and wellbeing and the September return

Forward Thinking Birmingham's STICK (Screening, Training, Intervention, Consultation, Knowledge) Team and Birmingham Education Partnership have produced resources to support pupil emotional wellbeing, for those at risk of Emotionally Based School Avoidance (EBSA). There is a broad range of information and tools available for you to explore, including:

For guidance and advice, please contact:

Inclusion and SEND: