Management Information Sheet

Recruitment of Early Career Teachers (ECTs) Important Reminder

MI Sheet TypeInformation
MI Number:161/22
Publication Date:20/09/2022 10:00:00
LA Contact:Denise Beckett (01603 638003)
Audience:Headteacher/ECT Induction Tutor

Recruitment of Early Career Teachers (ECTs) Important Reminder

Schools who have ECTs starting September 2022 need to take the following steps urgently if they have yet to do so:

  1. Ensure the post is suitable for induction (2.17 of the statutory guidance)

  2. Register with an Appropriate Body

    ECTs must be registered with an Appropriate Body (2.26 of the statutory guidance). Registration with an Appropriate Body for ECTs must be completed in full by 7th October 2022 or the Teaching Regulation Agency will consider that the induction period has not started in September, causing delays to ECT's induction:

    Locally available Appropriate Bodies include:

    To register your ECT with an Appropriate Body, you will need to specify their QTS/TRN number; date of birth; induction start date; plus other information relating to your setting. The start date for induction should be the date when the ECT's induction programme formally commences. This may be a different date from when the ECT's contract starts.

  3. Register ECTs, Tutors and Mentors with the Department for Education

    ECTs and their ECF Mentors must be registered with the Department for Education. You will also be asked to specify at this stage, how you will deliver on the requirement for ECT training based on the Early Career Framework (2.39 of the statutory guidance).

    • For schools wishing to use a DfE-funded ECF training provider, this step will enable your chosen provider to start working with your ECTs and Mentors.
    • For schools wishing to use DfE-accredited ECF training materials, this step will enable your ECTs and Mentors to access those materials.
  4. Informing your chosen training provider

    For those schools wishing to use a provider, contact them in order that they can 'claim' your ECTs and Mentors from the DfE portal. Initial training is already underway so prioritise this along with Step 3.

    Local providers include:

    Due to Teaching School Hubs offering both Appropriate Body and training services, when contacting them please be clear as to which services you are requesting.