Management Information Sheet

Trauma Informed Practice - survey

MI Sheet TypeAction
To Be Completed By: 07/10/2022
MI Number:167/22
Publication Date:27/09/2022 10:00:00
LA Contact:Norfolk Children Safeguarding Partnership
Audience:All schools

Trauma Informed Practice - survey

We are commissioning learning to help staff across the system understand the effects that psychologically traumatic events may have on health, education, and in particular on accessing a wide range of services and opportunities for both children and adults.

To this end, the NSCP has launched a new survey to gather system-wide feedback on the development of a new trauma-informed practice learning resource for Norfolk. We want to hear from everyone who works to support children and young people, and adults at risk of harm and abuse to ensure that the new resource can provide you with the tools you need to develop your practice.

Take 5 minutes to have your say and help shape the development of this new resource:

  • Share your thoughts on existing learning opportunities
  • Tell us how your practice has been impacted

The survey will run from 26 September to 7 October 2022. We'll be posting on Twitter on @NorfolkSAB and @NorfolkLSCP throughout the survey window so please do regularly share those post also.

What is Trauma Informed Practice?

Although exposure to a traumatic event will result in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for just a quarter of individuals, multiple adversities and sustained exposure will leave many with fearful responses and preoccupations across their lifespan. Early childhood adversities of abuse and neglect are associated with long term psychological and some physical health problems, as well as problems with trust which may limit how they can use services designed to help them, or to enjoy rewarding lives.

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