Celebrating RSE day

RSHE has never been more important than at this pivotal time. Yesterday schools across the UK celebrated RSE day and the good practice of RSE.

To celebrate RSE day we wanted to provide you with FREE tools to help get you ready for statutory RSHE:

  1. Benchmark your current RSHE provision against the new statutory requirements using our free RSHE compliance calculator
  2. Watch our free RSHE briefing - Josie Rayner-Wells talks you through key points and changes within the new guidance, with reflection activities to develop a realistic and impactful approach, supportive of your school ethos and values
  3. Download FREE RSHE Solution Bulletins - guiding you step-by-step on an evidence-based journey towards statutory RSHE
  4. Download your FREE Whole School Action Plan - coordinate your schools journey towards statutory RSHE.

These FREE tools can be found at: www.educatorsolutions.org.uk/rse

We're passionate about supporting schools to ensure compliance and deliver the highest-quality, evidence-based and effective teaching in RSHE. We have a flexible programme of training, curriculum resources and strategic framework tools to deliver the highest quality, evidence-based and effective teaching in RSHE including:

  1. Implement and embed effective RSHE in your school with our Statutory RSHE Support Package - a cost-effective, complete solution to preparing for statutory RSHE
  2. Use our RSE Solution Resource to prepare for statutory RSE and to teach effective RSE.
  3. Attend training courses - delivered by Josie Rayner-Wells, National RSHE Adviser.

For more information, pricing and to place an order please visit our website www.educatorsolutions.org.uk/rse

This news item was published : 26 June 2020.

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