Come and join our "50 Things to do before you're 5" pre-launch information event

What is it?

The 50 Things programme includes ideas and local activities that are free or low cost, designed to help engage and develop 0-5 year olds in Norfolk.

Who is it for?

  • 50 things is targeted at all families in Norfolk with children under the age of 5.
  • 50 things is also targeted at Early Years Providers, Community Groups, Healthy Child Programme, Midwifery, Early Childhood and Family Service.

Why are we doing it?

50 Things offer aim to foster life skills, build language and support brain development in young children. Trying out the new experiences will help boost speech and language in the under 5s and help assist their transition to school.

Find out more

To get a flavour of what it will look like as a Norfolk initiative check out the Bradford 50things webpage and download the app

To find out more about the pre-launch information event, have a look at our flyer.

This news item was published : 30 April 2021.