Headteacher Skills Toolkit

Effective management of school finances is a crucial part of a school leader's role; it enables the school to remain financially robust and healthy and achieve its educational aspirations. This takes specific knowledge and skills. To this end, Educator Solutions have created a useful knowledge and skills toolkit.

This toolkit aims to support you in acquiring, developing and applying your finance knowledge and skills.

It is broken down into two parts:

  1. A self-assessment which asks you to evaluate your knowledge and skills against a series of competency statements; followed by
  2. A learning path which provides a selection of learning interventions that can help with the acquisition, development and application of the identified knowledge and skills.

Use the toolkit to identify both areas of strength to develop further, as well as areas which would benefit from improvement. Then select the appropriate learning solutions to achieve your development goals.

The suggested solutions are a mix of internal and external sources ranging from formal training to more informal approaches suitable for your current experience and competence levels.

The toolkit can also be used to support:

  • Continued professional development through use as part of the appraisal process;
  • The selection of further learning interventions;
  • The evidencing of skills and knowledge required for SFVS submission; and
  • The achievement of a green RAG rating.

The toolkit is suitable for all existing headteachers, as well as new, deputy, assistant or aspiring headteachers.

The toolkit can be accessed through Learning Hub for those who purchase a School Finance package.

For more information about the toolkit, please contact the Finance and Business Services team on finance.support@norfolk.gov.uk.

This news item was published : 08 September 2021.

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