2021 Risk of NEET reports (RONIs)

FAO Secondary School Academy Heads/Principals and Careers leaders

The annual RONI reports are currently being produced by the NCCs Participation & Transitions Strategy Team and will be available to schools later in September 2021.

The RONI reports aim to support schools to identify young people going into year groups 10 and 11 who will need additional career guidance and
transition support to make a positive progression at the end of Year 11.

National and local research has shown that the personal circumstances or characteristics present in a young person's life contribute significantly to their potential to become NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training). These are known as Risk of NEET Indicators (RONIs).

The RONI reports for years 10 and for year 11 will be securely distributed via the Help You Choose (HYC) website and you will receive an email notification if you have an account registered under your school on HYC. Could careers leaders please check that their accounts are current?

If you require further information about accessing you schools RONI report please contact Maisie Colk at maisie.colk@norfolk.gov.uk

LA contact: Simon Blee, Information Systems and Analysis Officer

This news item was published : 09 September 2021.

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