Big Norfolk FESTIVE Holiday Fun activity scheme - booking is now open

It's time once again to launch our Big Norfolk Holiday fun scheme and we ask for your help in supporting the holiday programme and promote the scheme to eligible benefits-related children and families at your school.

Booking opened for parents on Monday 20 November via our Every Move activity finder. Winter activity dates are available during the winter break on 21-22 December and 2-3 January.

This winter we've got a fantastic range of providers and activities available. On top of that, we've got specialist SEN providers for 2023 giving us an even wider range of inclusive activities.

Here is how you can help promote the programme

Don't forget we have a range of free promotional marketing tools to help you get the message out to all children eligible for benefits-related free school meals.

Materials include:

  • Promotional playground banners and posters.
  • Printed or digital flyers to go home in book bags.
  • Newsletter copy and social media graphics.

Download the Big Norfolk Holiday Fun promoter pack here.

Once booking opens please help us to encourage families to book by doing the following:

  • Send the Big Norfolk Holiday Fun flyers home with children who are eligible for benefits-related free school meals. You can find these in the provider pack.
  • Make your pastoral team and parent support advisor aware so they can work with families you know who may struggle to make the booking themselves.
  • Promote the scheme in your weekly school newsletter using the copy provided.
  • Promote the scheme on your Facebook page using the social media images provided (or share Norfolk County Council's Facebook posts).
  • Remind families that Universal Free School Meals is not the same as benefits-related Free School Meals

If you have any questions, please email Emma Drake and the Active Norfolk team on in advance for all your continued support.

This news item was published : 20 November 2023.

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