New posters and leaflets explain where people can find cost of living support

Norfolk Community Advice Network has created a Winter Advice Hub, with step-by-step guides on boosting income and cutting costs, from trusted independent organisations.

To help promote the services available they have created posters and leaflets, which can be displayed in your school, workplace or community space.

To request printed copies, visit the NCAN website.

What is Norfolk Community Advice Network?

A network of diverse organisations that believe the residents of Norfolk should find no wrong door when they are looking for advice.

The network is made up of charities, social enterprises, community groups and statutory bodies.

They provide accredited advice on various topics such as housing, benefits, debt management, family law, immigration and employment. They also provide welfare support, including access to food, wellbeing and mental health support, and much more.

This news item was published : 21 November 2023.

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