Safe School Run Pledge - resources and support

Would you like resources to help you to promote safe parking behaviours and improve the school gate environment for everyone who travel to and from school.

The safe school run pledge is a tested and effective campaign to support with:

  1. Tackling parking challenges and promoting responsible parking.
  2. Encourage more families to choose to walk, wheel and cycle by empowering parents to park further away from the school gates.
  3. Improving air quality* across the local school environment, by reducing congested roads and idling directly outside the school gates.

*Borrow our Air Quality Monitor to measure air quality around your school before and after you use the Safe School Run Resources Pack.

This school-led campaign resource pack offers you complete flexibility. Schools can use different resources within the pack to help meet their bespoke and local needs.

Norfolk County Council Road Safety Team will supply you with FREE; resources, coaching and support to help you run the Pledge in your school.

This is also a great opportunity to share this campaign with new intakes of parents and children who are planning to attend your setting to promote positive standards and habits.

Horsford Primary School highlighted the benefits this campaign achieved across their setting. They indicated to us that this campaign had a positive impact on behaviours and attitudes towards parking around their school and helped them to create a safer environment outside the school gates. If you would like to read the Horsford Safe School Run Pledge Case Study, please email

If you are interested and would like to run your own Safe School Run Pledge initiative, please email for a resource pack.

We are offering a selection of bike bells to schools who take part in the Safe School Run Pledge and complete our summer term feedback form.

This news item was published : 12 April 2024.

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