MI Sheet
TypeAudienceMI NumberTitleDate To Be Completed
InformationLeadership/Senior Leaders/Curriculum Leaders138/18Ofsted led Curriculum Workshop31/10/2018 
ActionHeadteacher/senior leader
140/18Update your Critical incident procedures (Red Book)26/10/2018 
InformationAll Norfolk Leaders including Headteachers, Principals, Heads of School, Executive Headteachers, Executive Principals, CEO141/18Dates and Agenda for Education Leadership Updates - Autumn Term 2018 
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Norfolk County Council Correspondence
Key:   Urgent  Normal  Low
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External Correspondence
InformationGlobal GardensFree Workshop @ Norwich Science Festival - 25/10/18
InformationADHDNorfolkADHD Programme for Parents
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Upcoming Events
24/10/2018  10:0024/10/2018  12:00Calming crafts for the family
25/10/2018  09:0026/10/2018  17:00Step into Techs Techathon
25/10/2018  10:0025/10/2018  12:00Pottery family fun
25/10/2018  10:0025/10/2018  12:00Halloween spooky crafts for families
25/10/2018  13:0025/10/2018  15:00Pottery Family Fun
30/10/2018  16:0030/10/2018  17:30ASD Awareness Training
31/10/2018  09:0031/10/2018  09:00Publishing your school SEN information report - Update (MI Sheet needs action)
31/10/2018  09:0031/10/2018  09:00MASH Update (MI Sheet needs action)
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