Management Information Sheet

Extension to FREE use of Language Line for schools

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To Be Completed By: 11/09/2020
MI Number:93/20
Publication Date:11/09/2020 12:00:00
LA Contact:Tanya Ingram (01603 303339)
Audience:Senior leaders / Inclusion Leads / EAL Co-ordinator / DTs / SENCOs

Extension to FREE use of Language Line for schools

The EAL Advisory Service, within the Norfolk Virtual School for Looked After and Previously Looked After Children, is delighted to announce that we have extended out offer to all schools for free telephone translation during the Autumn Term via the Language Line service This will enable schools to contact EAL families during transition back into school and to ensure that the most vulnerable families are kept fully informed about new practices in relation to COVID.

This service will be FREE for all schools for this specific use and timeframe.

Once schools have the code they can use it to call their EAL vulnerable families to check on them and discuss any issues arising. There will be a limit of 15 minutes per child per week and you will need to register the call usage with the EAL team.

In order to access the code, for further advice on how to use Language Line and how to register the call usage; please email either or A reminder that the code can only be used for Language Line bookings. Calls are to an 0800 number, therefore, in most cases, the call itself is also free.

Instructions for Language Line are also attached.

Please note - In order not to disadvantage schools that have already paid into the INTRAN service, it is important that you use the new ID code to use Language Line during the lockdown period. Using any other ID Code (if known), will be outside of this offer and fully charged to your school.

Academies and free schools are able to join INTRAN to access a range of interpreting and translation services.

For more information about accessing INTRAN, please contact