Management Information Sheet

Summer RAG 2021

MI Sheet TypeAction
To Be Completed By: 31/10/2021
MI Number:172/21
Publication Date:24/09/2021 12:00:00
LA Contact:Finance & Business Services Team (01603 307758)
Audience:Headteacher, Finance staff and Governors

Summer RAG 2021

Today you receive your Summer Term 2021 RAG, via email to the Headteacher and can also access it via your MySchool account. They have been prepared in accordance with the framework as detailed in MI sheet 114/19.

Our expectations are that this RAG is discussed as a school, to understand what the risks and challenges are within your school.

As a result of the feedback we have received on previous RAGs, I want to take this opportunity to clarify some of the rationale behind some of the ratings.

  • Training - This is taken on finance courses which have been completed via the Learning Hub, or remotely delivered training, between 1 September 2020 and 31 August 2021. We collate the completion from both the Learning and Governor Hub. Please note that only finance courses booked on the Governor Hub will be considered.
  • Training for Governors - We have received a few concerns previously where governors cover more than one school. Due to an enhancement in Governor Hub, if a governor has included all the boards they sit on, training should be allocated against all of them.
  • The LA returns section is reviewing whether month end issues report from Star are being reviewed and actioned, as well as whether the month end is being received as per the deadlines.
  • The RAGs are compiled by both your school's Finance Support Officer and the Technical Support Officer assigned to your school.

Also, to provide an update on the future direction for RAGs: it has been a long-standing ambition of the FABs team to ensure the RAG is a helpful tool to mitigate and record the financial risk within a school. As part of this, a working party is in place with representatives from across finance staff, leadership and governance and is reviewing all aspects of the what the RAG covers and what is included. When we are in a position to share this wider, we will do so.