MI Sheet
TypeAudienceMI NumberTitleDate To Be Completed
InformationHeadteachers, SENDCOs, All197/23Launch of the Occupational Digital Library and Schools Occupational Therapy Handbook07/11/2023 
InformationDesignated Teachers for Looked After Children, Headteachers198/23Pupil Premium Plus (PP+) funding for Norfolk Looked After Children - current guidance and deadlines for the Spring term 
InformationHeadteachers / Governors / Finance Staff
199/23School Financial Value Standard 2023-24 (SFVS) 
InformationEducation colleagues, parents and carers
200/23Health protection in education settings 
FeedbackAll staff dealing with health/vaccinations/infection control/illness
201/23UKHSA - Help to improve guidance on dealing with infectious diseases at schools 
ActionHeadteacher DSL
202/23Consultation on mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse30/11/2023 
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Norfolk County Council Correspondence
Key:   Urgent  Normal  Low
CPDYear 6 teachers, Assessment Leads and KS2 leadsKS2 Moderator Led Assessment Networks
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External Correspondence
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Upcoming Events
10/11/2023  09:0010/11/2023  09:00School Workforce Census (MI Sheet needs action)
17/11/2023  09:0017/11/2023  09:00KS1 and KS2 Statutory Test Papers for 2024 (MI Sheet needs action)
17/11/2023  09:0017/11/2023  09:00KS1 Optional Tests and Teacher Assessment Framework (MI Sheet needs action)
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